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2018 Charity Beneficiaries

2017 Charity Beneficiaries

I am rarely at a loss for words.  Today, I am SPEECHLESS!  We had no idea of the magnitude of all the events of today.

“Normally, we are just part of a larger group.  We still have a wonderful time.  Just getting to experience new things is a huge joy to us.  We had no idea Tacey was the ONLY child being honored today.  We were expecting her to be one of several introduced and treated to a special day.  We never expected her to wear Shirley Muldowney’s championship ring for most of the day or to wear Erica Ender’s next to it!  We certainly never expected to be receiving ANY money, much less such a HUGE amount!”

Tammy R. after attending the NHRA Spring Nationals courtesy of the Deacons

Mother of Tacey – Attending Camp Quality Texas