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In 2004, the Deacons of Deadwood M/C established the Deaconess Chapter, which is comprised of ladies affiliated with the Deacons. The Chapter is made up of a diverse group of ladies with different backgrounds, but with one common purpose – to be part of an extraordinary sisterhood.

The Deaconess Chapter is a club within a club.  It is comprised of wives and girlfriends of Deacons of Deadwood members.  Currently boasting 35 members, these ladies have made it their mission to support select charities such as the Lady Veterans.  Just as importantly they provide support to various Deacon functions such as the annual charity ball, corporate sponsorships and the various children’s charities.

The Chapter has its own rules and regulations, membership requirements, and unique patches. Candidates must be married to a Member of the Deacons of Deadwood or must have been dating a Deacon for more than a year.