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The Deacons of Deadwood M/C strives to be a respected motorcycle club in Houston by recruiting members of outstanding moral character who are dedicated to fun, safe, motorcycle riding and by supporting local charities benefitting children.

Deacons of Deadwood M/C, Mission Statement

We expect prospective members to be more than just a “good guy”.  The Deacons seek members who deserve to be part of a world class organization.

  • Are you a successful leader and strategic planner in your field while not taking yourself too serious?
  • Do you know how to have fun while contributing to the overall success of an organization?

To paraphrase John F. Kennedy: Ask not what the Deacons can do for you — ask what you can do for the Deacons.


To join the Deacons, a candidate first must submit an Application for Admission to the Board of Directors along with a $100 non-refundable application fee. All candidates must be sponsored by a current Member of the Club and that Member must sign the Application for Admission. If you do not know any of our Members, introduce yourself at any of our meetings or rides.  Until the application is submitted, your are a Guest (Hang Around) and not a Prospective Member.

After the application for membership, each candidate will be interviewed by the Club’s Board of Directors. At that interview, a candidate will have to answer “why do you want to become a Deacon” and the answer should be more than “I like to ride motorcycles and give to children’s charities.”  A candidate must understand that along with the benefits of being a Member of the Deacons, there are responsibilities. These include active participation in our fundraising efforts, including selling tickets to our annual Charity Ball and selling raffle tickets. The minimum sales requirement is two Ball tickets and two books of raffle tickets.  However, Members are expected to exceed that minimum. Candidates must also understand that the Club requires each Member to purchase two tickets to our Charity Ball, even if the Member cannot attend. We want to let our donors know we have skin in the game.

If you do not enthusiastically support our fundraising efforts and the requisite work, you should join a different club.

The prospect process will take a minimum of 12 months.  This allows the prospective member the time necessary to understand the uniqueness of our Club while allowing current Members the same time to assess the prospective member’s qualifications and suitability.

  • A Prospect must attend at least three regularly scheduled monthly meetings.
  • A Prospect must participate in at least four official Club rides AFTER submitting an application and fee payment before he can be voted on for admission.
    • A Prospect Qualifying Ride must include a minimum of five Deacon Members and one Road Captain.
    • Two of the four rides must each be a minimum of 150 miles.
    • One ride must be a Club sponsored Patch Ride.
    • One of the rides must be an overnight ride covering at least 200 miles, the intention of this ride is to ensure that Prospects properly integrate with existing Club Members.
    • The Prospect or his Sponsor must inform the Club Secretary of the event date for registration and tracking.

Once a Prospect has met the criteria for admission, he will be put up for a vote. In general, it is a one blackball system, so admission requires the unanimous vote of our brotherhood.

The current initiation fee is $130 and the current annual dues are $300, both of which are payable in full upon admission no matter if you join in January or December. The new Member also must pay for two tickets to the upcoming Ball upon his admission.  Finally, to be formally admitted and to receive your Club patches, you must be present at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting so you can be welcomed by your new brothers.