Archway Academy Latest Group to Benefit from Generosity of Deacons of Deadwood M/C

HOUSTON (May 6) — A large contingent of members from the Deacons of Deadwood Motorcycle Club received a hero’s welcome from the student body of Archway Academy when they arrived at the school for their annual visit and check presentation.

Led by president Geoff Seaman and charity liaison Fred Tyler, members spent some quality time with the students, encouraging them on their journey and relaying messages of hope and perseverance.

“It is with deep gratitude and appreciation we say ‘thank you’ for being compassionate men with purpose,” said Sasha McLean, executive director of Archway Academy. “This is the third year that Archway Academy has been honored to receive a financial gift from the Deacons. Your passion, commitment, and financial generosity is overwhelming and we also love and appreciate the time you spend with our students and staff.  We’ve enjoyed getting to know you personally and sharing our stories with you.

“Our students look forward to the visit from the Deacons every year. You bring a strong presence, a warm heart, and a deep sense of community to our kids. You have no idea how important it is for them to see a brotherhood of men so generous and driven to help others. Many of the Deacons have also attended our Mentor Days where folks from every career and industry come to share their talents with our students. As one of our students said, “Rock on biker dudes, keep spreading love in the world.”

This year, the Deacons of Deadwood Motorcycle Club, a 501(c)(3) charity, donated $20,000 to Archway Academy.

Archway Academy is a sober high school supporting the educational needs of teens in recovery. One of the biggest challenges young people face on the journey of recovery begins when they re-enter the school system. Archway Academy offers students an opportunity to grow academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually by integrating the principles of recovery into daily education.

“This always is a special day for us,” Seaman said. “I think everyone in the club can relate to the struggles these kids have faced and we all agree these young people have a lot to offer our city and society in general. It is our honor to make this donation, to spend time here with the kids, and to return throughout the year when they need our help. We are here for Archway Academy.

“I know we were all really touched when we arrived this year to such a celebration. The signs and warm welcome was perfect. I’m still smiling. Thank you to all the students for the extra effort.”

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