Remembering Antonio Vasquez – Deacon 175

Antonio Vasquez Jr. applied to become a Deacon in March of 2015 together with his friend Jason Masvero. They both patched in on September 3, 2015. Antonio was Deacon #175 having both helped and redefine the definition of excellence in prospect behavior.

Ken “Mongo” McKorkle was sponsor for both men, but he could not attend the patch meeting because he was recovering from a motorcycle wreck some weeks earlier. Ken asked Fish to stand in his place and he was proud to do so as both men had acted so responsibly during the Mongo incident and always stepped up for prospect duty.

At the end of 2015, both Jason and Antonio had truly joined the club, attended many rides and were always keen to step up to the plate and represent. Both were nominated for 2015 “Rookie of the Year”.

Antonio entered 2016 without a road name but soon ‘earned’ his well. “Mayhem” supported our attendance at several CoC events and famously supported Hammer at the time of our severest challenge from that quarter.

He was appointed SAA for the club in May and after just one meeting you could tell that he was well on his way to being a great one for the Club.  In June 2016, Antonio was killed in a terrible accident when his motorcycle left the road at night, the full circumstance of the accident were never fully understood and the entire Club were shocked and saddened. Mayhem was only the second Deacon to lose his life riding a motorcycle.

Antonio “Mayhem” Vasquez was a great guy and a responsible Deacon for too short a time and is missed badly by all that knew him.

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